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Move Ragdoll Duel

Move Ragdoll Duel

Move Ragdoll Duel is a 3D casual battle game that features enchanting graphics and immersive gameplay. Players engage in thrilling battles with various weapons such as basketballs and throwing knives.

Move Ragdoll Duel is described as a delightful 3D casual battle game with enchanting graphics and immersive gameplay. In the game, players engage in thrilling battles armed with various weapons, such as basketballs and throwing knives. The game features ragdoll physics, which means the characters in the game may have floppy or limp movements, adding a fun and comedic element to the battles.

Move Ragdoll Duel


Controls Guide:

  • To launch your weapon, slide your finger across the screen in the desired direction.
  • Release your finger to release the weapon.
  • To teleport to your weapon's location, tap the screen.


The gameplay likely involves engaging in battles with opponents, using different weapons to defeat them. Players need to aim and release the weapons strategically to hit their opponents. The ability to teleport to the weapon's location adds an element of mobility and tactical advantage.

As it is described as a "delightful 3D casual battle game," it suggests that the game may have simple mechanics and accessible gameplay, making it suitable for casual players looking for fun and entertaining battles.

If "Move Ragdoll Duel" has gained popularity or received updates after September 2021, it may now be available on various gaming platforms or app stores. To find more specific information about the game, including the developer's name, platforms, and release date, I recommend searching for more recent sources or checking gaming forums and websites for any relevant updates.

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